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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…


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Last week I documented the colors of the monkeyflowers in my garden but missed one because it had not bloomed yet. Now it has. It is called Carnivale and is a strong orange-red color with a wash of intense yellow around the edges. The plant grows differently than the others also, much lower to the ground. That may be due, however, to the fact the sweet-dog Katie dug at it when it was first planted. That undoubtedly gave it a little shock, but it is fine now. Monkeyflowers are nothing if not hardy, requiring little water and just a cut back each year to keep them in a bushy shape. Such a great garden plant! The blossoms in the pictures have raindrops still on them from showers yesterday. They had not moved into the sun yet this morning to dry off. We purchased this plant at the Yerba Buena Nursery a few months ago when we traveled across the bay to the shrine of California Native Plants.

Mimulus “Carnivale”

I processed all of the monkeyflower photos the same so that they would look consistent. They were taken with the iPhone4 native camera, put into the Iris Photo Suite for crop, sharpen, and vignette. Then into Photo Studio app for a frame. I seem to be using the Iris app more and more because I believe last week I used Perfect Photo app for the sharpening. Another thing I am enjoying more and more is Instagram. Instant feedback on your photos and it easily posts to Posterous or Facebook. Who knew you could have so much fun with photos!

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