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iPhone Photo Friday…

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Before I start, there is good news from the PG&E Building in San Francisco. The peregrine falcons, Diamond Lil and Dapper Dan, have four eggs that have been laid in the last few days. In approximately 34 days these eggs will hatch. On camera here you can watch mom and dad incubate the eggs and after hatching there will be weeks of watching their growth progress until they fledge around the end of May. (Fledging is a nail-biting, anxiety ridden time for viewers due to the dangers of glass fronted high rises in the city.) Then, if you live close to San Francisco you can bring your binocs in and walk the streets trying to catch a glimpse of the family— mom and dad helping babes adjust to life in the big city. Great fun and beats Angry Birds on your iPhone!

Speaking of the iPhone, I accomplished something from my bucket list last Saturday as we drove to Healdsburg. Since I have had my iPhone, I have noticed that sitting in the passenger seat of the car leads me to take lots and lots of pictures of cloudy skies experimenting with every app and all sorts of filters. (The above mentioned Angry Birds game can only entertain me so long on a car trip—I know, I know, but my brain is so old I can remember life without computers.) I also have pondered if it would be possible to take a picture of any of the raptors I see perched on the side of the road on fences, signs or poles. I have tried over and over to no avail, could not coordinate the lookout for the bird, having the camera primed and pointed, and anticipating the speed of the car so I could click the shutter at the right point for it to catch the bird in the frame. Worth a lot of miles though as entertainment value and easy to erase those shots when it did not work. The area between here and San Luis Obispo, especially below San Jose, is primo for spotting hawks. (In fact on our most recent trip back from SLO a bald eagle flew across the freeway and back toward us near Atascadero. Great excitement for birders and fans of raptors to have that happen.) On highway 37 last weekend I began to realize that I had seen multiple redtails perched on speed signs along the marshy area that goes for about 10 miles. Was it the time of day? The fact that it is spring? First sunny day after rain? I thought there had to be a fifth bird before we hit highway 101 to go north toward Santa Rosa, so I got the iPhone ready and then there it was.

Originally taken with Hipstamatic, chunky lens and Kodot film, this shot was cropped and then processed in Photo Studio to add a new frame. So now I do not have to keep trying to get a picture of a hawk from the car—back to Angry Birds and cloud pictures.

And, here are some clouds from the car:

Hipstamatic app, chunky lens, cano cafenol film.

These clouds are not from the car, but stationary:

Healdsburg mustard fields and a snow-capped mountain processed with Photo Studio app.

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