Lois Reynolds Mead

Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

iPhone Photo Friday…

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Rain every day since Sunday, but the week before that—gorgeous sun for gardening, trips to Annie’s Annuals for native plants to plant, and a field trip to the Martha Walker Native Habitat Garden in Napa’s Skyline Wilderness Park. We were so enthusiastic that “it might as well be spring” we forgot that if we had waited a couple of weeks we would have seen lots of things in bloom. Even in California it was a little sparse in the middle of February.  A few California gooseberry, a few ceanothus. It was worth the trip, however, because then there was lunch in Napa, the foodie capital of Northern California.

This wonderful gate was the entrance to the garden, and here it is with the Hipstamatic app.

I was worried most about the wild pigs, I guess, never have run across one of them…

Of course there were mighty oaks…

California Gooseberry

and Golden Current…

It is a lovely garden, set up to do lots of nature education with kids and well worth another trip to see everything in bloom. Napa has Model Bakery and Fatted Calf Chacuterie not too far away for picnic supplies. Lovely…

Taken with an iPhone 4, including Hipstamatic app, the gooseberry got some touches of Backgroundz app and Pic Grunger app.

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