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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

iPhone Photo Friday…

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A day late for Friday (seem to be having trouble with schedules) but I did get a new battery for my watch (that I haven’t looked at since I retired a year and a half ago). I am somewhat conscious of getting things done on time…

I went to get my haircut again and my friend Betty had changed her window display to an antique mannequin that included opera glasses and ballet slippers. She says it is her homage to “Black Swan” and has a little twinge of Valentine’s Day thrown in. I thought the image lent itself to experimentation with a newish app I have call iDarkroom. The app includes nice textures (canvas and sand) and bokeh effects as well as multiple colorizing filters and frames. Betty’s window is very small and there was too much glare from the glass if I was outside. I tried to go all the way from the top of the mannequin to the shoes but there was not much room to maneuver. I loved her concept, though, so I did my best with the room I had.

I thought it needed more cropping, but then I lost the shoes.

This is the canvas texture and grunge effect in the iDarkroom app.

The black frame from iDarkroom and the “faded” filter with canvas and grunge effect.

Bokeh effect…

The vivid filter in iDarkroom.

The Diptic app with its black frame…

and its white frame with a finishing pass through PicGrunger to tone down the white.

My variations on a theme, or maybe theme and variations on an etude or pas de deux across the stage…

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