Lois Reynolds Mead

Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

Getting ready…


Anticipating my workshop with John Muir Laws, I made a sketchbook and gathered tools for the looming event.

He has an equipment list on his website. So I found all my portable brushes that carry water in their barrels, waterproof pens and drawing pencils.

My sketchbook has two signatures. One has mi-tientes paper in midtone shades of oyster, moonstone, and flannel. (Great names!). The second signature has bristol and heavy weight watercolor paper.

My cover is created from some laminated paper I made and it has ultra-suede ties. It comes equipped with large rubber bands to secure pages out-of-the-way while working. We will see how all this functions “in the field”. I am excited that the cover is pretty much waterproof (if it rains) so I will explain how I made it below.

Laminated Paper

I use the two-ply paper towels left over wiping my brush during watercolor painting. (o.k., I have been known to add a little more color on purpose). I separate them and lay two on a sheet of freezer paper with about 1″ of each overlapped down the center. Using a wide brush I spread them with acrylic gloss medium and lay a second layer over the top. I add bits and pieces of scrap papers from other projects (the bird is a partial photograph) including tissues from store purchases. The flower-like shapes on this one are from one of the Lokta papers I scored at Anthropologie right before Christmas. It turns half-transparent. I end up with about three layers of paper. I coat it with a last coat of medium on top and sprinkle on some glitter or whatever happens to be handy. I let this dry for twenty-four hours and then peel it off the freezer paper and give it one more coat of medium on the bottom side. Transparent but plastic!

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4 thoughts on “Getting ready…

  1. You are amazing!!!

  2. beautiful! I’d buy one of these for my m-i-l if you had one to sell!

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