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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

iPhone Photo Friday…


Winter Trees in Black and White

This is our weather (not so extreme compared to much of the world, but for California??…) My walking partner has a cold so it made sense for her to stay in. I was tempted to abandon the concept myself, until I realized that if I set a short- term goal it could get me out of the house despite my laziness. I had been meaning to take some shots of winter trees (I do not find many in my files) and I also wanted to take more black and white photos. I love color, I think in color, I express in color, so I find black and white photos are difficult for me to take unless I make a firm decision that it is what I am going to do. That is how this became my morning walk for winter trees and black and white photos, but even then I fudged since I post-processed the images in the “silver” filter of the CameraBag app (which I love because of how it adds extra tones to the black and white in the image and warms up the greys.) These images were taken with the native camera or the ClassicPan app of the iPhone 4. imported into CamerBag with some put in the Mono filter and some in the Plastic filter first and saved, and then re-imported into the Silver filter.

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2 thoughts on “iPhone Photo Friday…

  1. Wow! You should sell these!

  2. oh, you are just too kind (blush)…

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