Lois Reynolds Mead

Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

Well, Hello, Dahlia…


When Joyce visited me last summer she told me stories of her Dahlias, a flower with which I was not very familiar. Then I started to notice them everywhere and last weekend I got to see them in place in her beautiful garden. And, yes, Dahlias do enjoy smiling for the camera! Very photogenic I’d say…

Joyce had a concrete bird bath she wanted to mosaic to go amongst the dahlias. She invited me to come visit and help with the process. I was glad to participate in the effort, such hospitality at their house! You should envision us in the kitchen applying tile and sparkly glitz to this concrete (as in heavy) shape with wafting piano music from the living room as John played his grand piano. Can’t get much better than that! We made quite a dent in the project. (The red area is all that is left to be covered with tile.) The surface is painted with RedGuard so moisture does not make the tile pop off from the back during use. Part of our time was spent trying to find bonderizer (as it is called in Northern California.) In Southern California all there is available is RedGuard. We had to visit multiple tile stores and backrooms filled with great deals to figure this out. As if that was a hardship! (My suitcase came home with more tile than I flew there with…who does that, anyway??) Soon this will be all covered and get grouted. We think we will do a video conference call on our iPhones so that I can walk them through the grouting process when it is time. I think the birdies there are going to like the bath and that the Dahlias are going to smile even more! Beautiful garden…

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2 thoughts on “Well, Hello, Dahlia…

  1. Great photos Lois. I love dahlias. That birdbath is just amazingly beautiful!!!

  2. I think what you call “bonderizer” I call “peanut butter”–the mastic for sticking the tiles to the surface, before grout.
    The tiles and glass bubbles are beautiful!
    Dahlias are grown extensively in our area in Kansas, a good flower for Memorial Day.
    Happy tiling!

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