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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…


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A many part post that begins with going on a jet plane…

The Oakland Airport has one of my favorite pieces of art. I love the way Hung Liu, a Chinese-American artist that teaches at Mills College, makes paint drip.

Once featured on Spark (KQED”s program on Bay Area art), I became aware of her work when I would look for visuals for my classroom. I was totally excited when years ago I found you could see her major mural just by walking through the airport. This time I had an iPhone 4 to capture it (paint sandwiched between two pieces of glass) still with that sense of liquidity that the drips give the piece. Cranes were painted and then the glass was fired and tempered. Pale blue glass with a satellite map etched on it was placed behind. The mural is titled Goring Away, Coming Home and was installed in 2006.

The mural symbolizes blessings and safe trip and for me that is what my weekend was. The blessings of time with old friends, safe travel and amazing visual treats that I will share in the next few posts. Skies, gardens, architecture and good friends, cannot get any better than that…

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