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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

Back again…


I disappeared for a week because I got motivated to take control of my life, at last, by clearing the floor of my side of the garage. Soon I can park my car inside. I have been retired from teaching for more than a year, but the tackling of the final clear out of the flotsam and jetsam of being an art teacher has eluded me until this week. Artists are such pack rats. Why is cardboard such a valuable material? We are now streamlined at this house because my neighbor and I decided to go out to lunch a week ago. She offered to drive, and I got into her car inside of her garage where there were multiple shelves on the wall. I realized what was missing in my visualization of having a clean garage floor for parking a car was shelving in the thin space between the wall and the edge of the door. Great excuse for multiple trips last week to IKEA (for who can resist coffee and cinnamon rolls in the pursuit of organization?).  Almost done now, although the car can’t get in quite yet since I will need a few weeks of the weekly trash pick up for the cardboard to fit in the barrel. (There really is that much cardboard!)

This was my view for the week through the garage window. This highlights that the next job will be to cut back the growth for the winter.

Yesterday was a real treat, because it rained the whole day as I was sorting and lifting and wielding my mat knife to chop in the pursuit of order. So invigorating to have rain again. Don’t you know that the garden just loved it…

and this morning there were still some drops around. The Roger’s Red Grape (Vitis californica ‘Roger’s Red’) is starting to turn and drop leaves exposing a treasured bird nest that couldn’t be seen until now. Never saw or heard birds in it so I don’t know who made it.

I found this little guy enjoying a dry-out after the storm on sage waiting to be deadheaded.

All these photos were taken with an iPhone4.

Yesterday there was a special deal on an iPhone app, PhotoTreats. It was free (although two of its filter groups are purchased within the app for $.99 each). I guess that makes it semi-free. Nice app and the middle two pictures above were processed with its “My Seasons” pack. Here is a review.

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6 thoughts on “Back again…

  1. Ciao io non conosco l’inglese ma spero che tu conosca un pò d’italiano cerco solo di capire come funziona wordpress spero tanto che tu possa spiegarmelo in italiano

  2. That last photo is amazing Lois!!!
    Amazing little things these iPhones are!

  3. Right! It was a tiny little guy, but after cropping he still looked pretty good. I would have gone to grab my Canon, but thought he wouldn’t be there when I got back. Used what I had in my pocket!

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