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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

iPhone Photo Friday…

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Last night I dreamed I was a dinosaur…

Wednesday night was off to S.F. to meet Terry for dinner at Soluna on McAllister between the Asian Art Museum and his office in the State Building.

ProHDR app

Topped with fried apple pie for a shared dessert.

Native camera with flash

A stroll across the civic center plaza with Terry guiding me to the place where all the tourists stand.

Classic Pan app with the camera held two different ways

To Herbst Theater where I could not resist a surreptitious shot of the ceiling.

Native camera, Infinicam app

We were there for a conversation between Maira Kalman and Lemony Snicket. We had recently seen Kalman’s show and Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler) was the best crowd control mechanism I ever used with my sixth grade classes. I put volumes of his “Series of Unfortunate Events” on my classroom tape recorder and my students would control their own talking during work time. His stories were spellbinding and his wordplay was hilarious even for me (hearing them over and over during the years). Kalman and Snicket  have collaborated on a children’s book called “Thirteen Words”.  His words, her paintings. He feels children should be introduced to words like despondent and mezzo-soprano because really, how many times will they actually see a zebra. (Here is a trailer for the book where you can find out the rest of the words.) She says she is totally lacking in imagination and only paints what she sees in front of her. Both of them look at life from an incredibly humorous and quirky angle and we laughed and laughed during their conversation. Danial Handler said that if he was at a party and he walked outside and greeted a kid who said, “Last night I dreamed I was a dinosaur.” He would stay and talk to the kid rather than go back inside to talk with the adults where the conversation was about mortgages and traffic. Of course the evening ended with a song by a mezzo-soprano. (Maira Kalman collaborated on an opera about her book “The Elements of Style”.

We traveled home still chuckling and planning to do this again soon (who but someone who would include a photo of fried apple pie in this post would want to hear Ruth Reichl and Mark Bittman in conversation in a couple of weeks? Ah, the foodie within…)

What else could I do on the way home but experiment with what the lights would do in the Caldecott Tunnel.

Hipstamatic and BestCamera apps

Time for a cup of tea and fight with Cliff over who gets the “New Yorker” magazine that came yesterday. The cover is by David Hockney created on an iPad with the Brushes app. IF I had an iPad, I would be able to see an animated version of the cover…

Infinicam app



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