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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…


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A confluence of factors led me to this post:

1. I was teaching a class last Saturday and I was thinking a lot about ways to talk about and experiment with composition.

2. I added another new app to my library of apps. This one is ProHDR and I thought it might help me get better color in pictures taken inside. HDR stands for high dynamic range. You need to stand very still for a while because it actually takes two pictures that it then combines. One picture is high contrast and one is low contrast. You get the full range in the final combination rather than having your picture drop out the low.

3. Recently I had my friends from the school where I used to teach come over for a party. When people walk in my house they usually remark on the amount of color on the walls (I am the one with stair risers that are each a different tile color), so I found myself uttering one of those crazy statements (like “chartreuse is the new black”) and then waiting for chuckles. I do not know where it came from but I heard myself say, “When you live in a ’50’s Rancher, color is your best friend.” Seemed so right at the moment. I do not know if anyone else laughed, but I did.

I took the pictures with the ProHDR app and then put them in Infinicam for a frame. The corners of framed art I have on my walls formed the composition against the various wall colors. If I remember the color I will add it because sometimes the name of the color impressed me along with the color itself.

A bedroom with the color “ink” on the walls and lots of white on the woodwork and trim.

The family room where each wall is a different color including a teal, “dark linen”, and “gold finch”.

On the kitchen walls is “cornsilk”

The dining room has grayed purple with a copper border. The matts around the framed prints are a sage green.

The living room with “canvas tent” and a pale blue accent wall.

And the purple front door.

This turned out to be a nice exercise for thinking about composition and even though I was never much into having diamonds, I do like to say, “A girl can never have too much color”…

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