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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

New app…


I subscribe to a blog that posts pictures and reviews of iPhone apps and yesterday’s post mentioned a new app by Nevercenter. They created the CameraBag app which I like a lot and not only have on my iPhone but have on my desktop, also.  I, of course, had to rush right out and buy it! (Well really I did not have to move off my couch.) Called Infinicam, the app is set up similar to CameraBag but has different filters and you can also frame each picture in a different way that you select. Two features are interesting: you can crop your image before starting (rather than cropping with a separate app first) and the fact that you can randomly select filters by pressing a button. This gives you a little serendipity. These random selections can be saved and renamed so that they can be used on another photo. Great fun!

I took the first photo because I am swept away this year by the berries on the snowberry plants in my garden. So laden and heavy. Unfortunately, there is not much culinary-wise that you can do with them (never heard of snowberry jam!) but they are a visual treat and you could, if you wanted to, make a broom out of their branches…always good to know!

The image above, before it was put into the Infinicam app was sharpened with PSMobile.

Also, we have been adopted! Our new bun-rab friend comes under the fence each day and thumps about the patio. We haven’t figured out what he likes about our garden (maybe he just wants to be friends with Cliff!) but so far we are in peaceful coexistence, except for Katie who chases the interloper back under the fence if she discovers him.

All photos taken with the native camera on the iPhone 4 then processed through the Infinicam app.

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2 thoughts on “New app…

  1. These are great. Going to have to check this app out!

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