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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

iPhone Photo Friday…

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Terry has a reputation that is for the birds. Contributing to this concept is that he currently rehabilitates raptors to help the Lindsay Wildlife hospital in Walnut Creek. On top of that, when I first met him forty years ago, he had just returned from two years in the Peace Corps where he raised chickens as part of poultry cooperative development. Over the years I wondered if he would ever return to those “roots” and, in fact, we contemplated a few years ago whether we should get chickens to eat the pests in our native plant garden. We went so far as to find out that chickens can be shipped by mail for pick up at your local post office and that some college kids redesigned the concept of a coop into a one piece with a canopy and a fence easy to clean concept. Oh so tempted!

For two weeks Terry has been asked to take care of a hack box at a house about a mile away. There are two types of releases of raptors, one being hard where they are let go usually back at the location where they were found. The other is a soft release out of a hack box where young birds are acclimated to living on their own by being provided food for a while until they can take care of themselves. In the hack box in our neighborhood are two white tailed kites that are fed each morning. Eventually the door will be propped open and they will come and go as they please.

The cool thing is that at the house where the hack box is, the backyard also has about forty chickens and four Eglus (see here. The link is for the Omlet Company home page.) This morning I went along and got to meet some of the chickens, see the eglus, and ponder the benefits of having your own eggs. The owner shared a dozen eggs in beautiful sizes and colors with Terry when she was showing him the procedure for feeding the kites. Could we have chickens in our future?



Ruler of the Roost



Photos were taken with an iPhone 4, CameraBag app, 1972 filter.

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