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I had another opportunity last weekend to try for the ultimate panoramic shot from the top of Black Hill in the Morro Bay State Park. But, once again, I was thwarted by fog at the times I could get to the spot for my big try. If I could have gotten to the location a little later in the day, I may have been successful, but all of my trips that passed close, were in the morning or shortly after lunch and although some of the volcano cores closer to San Luis Obispo had cleared off, the one that is accessible for climbing is closest to the ocean (as opposed to the actual “Rock” that is in the ocean) and the last to clear. I will remain on my quest until I am successful. Here, however, we must settle for what was available at the time. These iPhone photos were taken with the ClassicPan app with the vivid film filter to help punch up the color in all the grey.

The first shot is from Highway 46 that cuts over from Paso Robles toward the sea. The grey line at the horizon is the fog bank. The next three shots are in Morro Bay and the last one is in San Luis Obispo to show that there was sun, just not right at the coast. All the bowls of clam chowder made up for the fog, but i should have had the walk up Black Hill to make up for the chowder. Next time! If you click to enlarge the second picture, you can see Morro Rock wayyy off in the distance and you can barely make out the smoke stacks nearby.

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6 thoughts on “Quest…

  1. These are all so lovely.

  2. The top 2 in particular are fantastic. They’re very serene. I like the vignette effect, it makes you feel like you’re looking through a window. Beautiful work.

  3. Thanks, we had a lovely weekend trip.

  4. well done.
    (((pining for the west coast)))

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