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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

iPhone Photo Friday…


A San Francisco Thursday

It is hard for me to believe, but in my first year of retirement I may have been over to San Francisco more times than in the ten years previously. Something about freedom that makes you move…Yesterday was another excursion over to catch the Impressionist Exhibit at the deYoung Museum before it closes on Sept. 6. Woke up to the fact this week that I was going to miss it if I did not jump. I think half of San Francisco also realized that, because there were crowds everywhere.

Crowds to get on the bridge

Please note, this is an iPhone picture without post-processing, significant in the color of the sky. Big Note: no FOG!

Crowds to get off the freeway (construction on Fell St. backed everything up).

and crowds in the museum where you were not allowed to take pictures inside the Impressionist Exhibit…

So, I took what shots I could get a good vantage point of (with no one standing in front of me) and which thrilled me to see. There was Joan Brown’s Noel and Bob, 1964. Lush color and texture and great face on Noel (plus anything with a dog…)

and the other side of my psych that likes images that represent the simplicity of Asian Art was fed, too. (The murals by Piazzoni, The Sea, 1931, that were saved from the old library that is now the Asian Art Museum):

Then, as we waited for our appointed hour to get into the main show, I found a small gallery that swept me away—photos and grids, photos and grids, photos and grids, tra la…

Ed Ruscha and Los Angeles parking lots:

Even Dodger Stadium and Ruscha’s Every Building on The Sunset Strip, 1966, accordion book:

The only text is the street numbers of the buildings.

The grid of  forty-six photos on the wall taken in Iceland by Olafur Eliasson, The River-raft Series, 2000. Does repetition make it a mosaic?

and a collection of found everyday objects by Nigel Poor, “Found” Project, 1998.

A David Hockney photocollage of Luncheon at the British Embassy, Tokyo, February 16, 1983.

A panoramic view of San Francisco by Mark Klett and Michael Lundgren, 2004,

There was a lot in this small gallery to absorb. Note to self: try more black and whites and get into that panoramic mode!

After fighting the crowds, things took a definite up-swing when we found a new restaurant for a late, ravenous lunch that may have had the best pizza, evah…

Pizzette 211 at 211 23rd Street

The desert and frosting on the cake were the mosaic murals we passed on the facade of a school when we walked on 23rd Street from the restaurant back to our car.

“Art, art, I want you. Art you make it pretty hard not to.” (don’t miss this Youtube video)

A black and white using the RetroCamera app. Now all I have to do is find a large wall that is empty so that it can take twenty framed photos!

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3 thoughts on “iPhone Photo Friday…

  1. Hi – I found your blog because of Rob Brezney’s Free Will Astrology (in a round about way). I read my ‘scope which talked about Bob and Noel by Joan Brown, which I had to Google, and after several different poke-abouts into different sites, I found your blog. It is a very nice blog indeed! Fun writing and great photos abound (awesome butterfly post).
    I’ll be back now and again to see what new things you have been up to. :o)

    • Thank you for stopping by (and letting me know why I had such a surge in readers!) I actually liked her painting in person because I love texture and color. I visited your site too and bookmarked it so I can visit again. Loved the bundled baby…

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