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Great Friends

My old and dear friend, (we are not chronologically old, it is just that we have known each other since fourth grade-oops could that be more than fifty years??? Well, don’t tell anybody and do not use the word vintage in our ear shot) Joyce, and her husband, John, came to visit last week. We had a wonderful time catching up and laughing about times past. Two years ago we also had lunch together in Sausalito and spent the morning, that visit, in the Overstock room at Heath Ceramics choosing tile so I could make them a garden sphere. I finally finished it and they took it home with them this trip.

Here it is:

I made my own garden sphere a few years ago and had fun with the iPhone altering its image into a silver mirror ball…

and making an advertisement…

I must say that I am glad that my technique has evolved. If you look closely at the pieces of the mosaic, the early pieces are much more free-form because I had not discovered my new secret weapon. Through all the murals I did with my students, here, back when I was teaching, and the early pieces I did for my own garden, the tiles were whacked with a hammer very randomly. But, in between I did this

I helped my neighbor, Laurie, install a bathroom floor in her new construction. (Boots, her new kitty just thought he should be on display, he is not a mosaic cat.) This photo is before baseboards, but shows the absolutely beautiful 12″ x 24″ porcelain tile. My new tool of choice is a large score and snap tile cutter that I can also cut really small pieces with. Sometimes I don’t even score but just snap against the raised area and it is really quick and clean. Of course it is another tool to store (just ask the man I am married to) but I learned a long time ago from Norm on  “This Old House”, that you always need the right tool and this seems to be the right one. Only the times when my fingers slipped from around the end of the handle as I snapped did I doubt that this was the right tool.

Here are instructions for making the sphere and here is a source of supplies at the Institute of Mosaic Art.

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2 thoughts on “August/visit…

  1. Lois, my favorite tile/mosaic tool is a pair of nippers. i can feel the tool in my hand right now. According to the catalog, it is a flathead nipper. I found a very small pair a year or so ago, but haven’t used that tool—-can’t find a “dirty” place for working with tile. With the nippers I can cut about any shape—-round, long, even concave, just nipping away. Your proximity to that tile store makes me jealous!!!!

    • Hi, Liz, oh, great, now I am on a quest for another tool. Have to go look those up. Have to say though, switching from the hammer to the score and snap has cleaned things up a lot. Little shards used to fly every where. You want any tiles I can send you some! Thanks for the photos you sent, he is a terrific photographer! Wish I could do that, sigh…

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