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iPhone Photo Friday…

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Thoughts over coffee in August…

A day late for Friday, this morning’s San Francisco Chronicle brought a review by Kenneth Baker of a gallery show that consists of a single wall of tiny photos of landscapes by Sean McFarland.




postage stamps/business card

specific places/abstractions

memory images/reality

What kind of reality?

Being slow on a Saturday morning, the article prompted me to think about a photo I took last weekend that I thought a lot about before I took it, but it didn’t impress me enough to do anything with once it was photographed. I wondered if applying one iPhone app to it would help. The original photo was taken with the ClassicPan app and then I experimented with Picture Show app. Experimented is really the word here because PictureShow randomly applies its filters so I just kept clicking through them until I liked an effect. The ones I liked I put into TiltShiftGenerator to adjust and then some went into PicGrunger because having photos under wax and distressed appealed to me when I read the article.

My California landscapes, think small:

It was a nice experiment to get to know the app., time to go pull out the faux encaustic made with Golden medium. Nice Saturday!

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