Lois Reynolds Mead

Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

Extra images…


Some images from the trip to Morro Bay that did not get taken with the ClassicPan app. The Hipstamatic app is always good in a pinch, even in a speeding car, even when the environment is blanketed with fog, even when you are taking photos of volcano plugs. Hipstamatic pictures characteristically have a square format and a border that looks like it could be rolled on with a printmaker’s brayer (the one I tend to use, anyway). These are random and just show the beautiful nature of the country.

A monkeyflower (California native plant) sitting on Black Hill:

And also some CameraBag app photos:

And one of the view from my mother’s apartment that had a whole lot of filters applied to it:

Author: loisreynoldsmead


4 thoughts on “Extra images…

  1. i love the last one! the colors in all of these are magnificent. iphone?

  2. I just love reading your weekly adventures. Are you still thinking Italy?

  3. We are thinking Italy, but may have to push it back. The Governator is talking minimum wage until there is a state budget. hmmm…

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