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iPhone photo Friday…

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I went to the Sierra Nevada Mountains a few weeks ago, without the iPhone where I had just installed the ClassicPan app. GASP. When I got home I tried the app on some downtown buildings in San Francisco, but I really didn’t hit my stride until last weekend when I visited the scenic Central Coast of California. Oh, and I also bought my own iPhone4 so that, unless I lose it, I will never be unarmed again. These images are all taken with ClassicPan in Morro Bay. The landmark in the bay is Morro Rock at the entrance to the harbor. It is the plug of an extinct volcano and eight others stretch inland. Morro Rock is a preserve with no human access because peregrine falcons nest on it (two pairs this year with six fledglings.) One of the smaller plugs is located in the Morro Bay State Park and is called Black Hill. You can walk to the top and have a 360° view of the whole area and as I anticipated the trip I thought, perfect, I am going to walk it. I did walk it, but I was thwarted in my view. The pictures are interesting and, of course, I must return to get that ultimate panoramic view on a clear day. We had a perfect demonstration of why most of the inhabitants of the Central Valley of California come to the Central Coast in the summer. Hot versus cold. Scorching versus chilly. When we cut over from Paso Robles it was 106° and fifteen minutes later at Highway 1 it was mid seventies. It was, as they say, socked in with fog, but a few times during our stay things did clear briefly. So, a panoramic view of California’s coast, some with a softness to them due to the fog.

The vivid film filter makes the day look brighter

The harbor entrance close to dusk

Moon light and harbor light

Vintage film filter

Vintage film filter

Vivid film filter

Vintage film filter (nice border!)

The hike up Black Hill

The view at the top of Black Hill with everything else grey

Morro Rock

I do like the ClassicPan app a great deal, however, I had some trouble when I was in the glare outside. I could not really see what was in the viewfinder and mostly guessed that I had pointed in the right direction and that I could see light, negative space above the outline of the rock so I did not cut off the top of it, and I could not read what filter I had selected. Even though the indicator has a different color for each filter the glare made it impossible for me to tell, or even see, where it was on the screen. I will memorize which order they come in before the next time I use the app. I am totally in love with what it does to a landscape, however.

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