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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

iphone Photo Friday…

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Where to begin…since Tuesday at 2:00 p.m., I am the proud owner of an iphone4. Oh, joy! After grouping all my photo apps in folders (a new feature -five folders of twelve and growing), I have been shooting up a storm, tap focusing and zooming in on everything. Terry, also, is adjusting to my absence from his phone, having within hours removed all my photo apps from there and replacing his music and podcasts for my one thousand images in the camera roll. He is once again a happy man, not missing my contributions to his phone, and we are back to marital blitz. I am finding alterations in some of the apps that are very cool and crisp.

Flowers from my garden in Hipstamatic.

Plus a few roses I bought at Trader Joe’s on a whim.

The same image as layered collages.

I signed my name on a blank piece of paper, took a photo with the phone, used it as one of the layers and now I can “sign” my work. Is there no end to the digital wonders of the world?

Clarkia and yarrow from my garden. The image of the lamp and the image of the three vases both start with a layer photo of the beginning of a texture painting I did on canvas.

Impression of trees in the backyard.

Hummingbird Sage and, to top it off, a silver print of a hydrangea.

So now we will be off to my mother’s 92nd birthday party. Got the camera just in time to capture all the festivities and on the car drive there I will try to figure out how to use the video capabilities of this new tool. Happy, happy, fun, fun…

Oh, this is Camerabag’s new filter “plastic”.

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