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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

iphone Photo Friday…


Last week when I went to Arnold with my long-time friends, I had just installed the app ClassicPan on the iphone. However, I couldn’t take the iphone with me on the trip. I did have my Canon and caught some rather fantastic panoramic shots of the Sierra Nevadas. Panorama in my own backyard doesn’t seen very exciting, so I waited until the next weekend on my bi-weekly trip to SFMOMA to experiment with the panning app. This shot was taken out of the glass wall that is on one side of a fifth floor hallway of the museum building. Bear in mind that behind me was a grouping of Alexander Calder mobiles from the new Fisher Collection at the museum. Calder is one of my favorites and I exhibited great focus on my purpose of panning landscapes and cityscapes by not turning around and snapping the mobiles and stabiles. That will be for next time….

Maybe I was in Gotham and not San Francisco, hmmm.

The first two pictures use the sepia film filter in the ClassicPan app.

The third shot uses the vivid film filter.

Sitting in the sculpture garden on the fifth floor of the museum, I turned the camera and took the skyscraper next door.

Really I was there to work with the kids making bugs and experiencing the concept of scale, but I found that ClassicPan is perfect for showing the scale of the city. Here is a secret: not being able to take the iphone with me to the mountains caused me to walk into the Apple Store the day I got back to put my name on the reservation list for an iphone4. Terry will get control of his iphone back and be able to put all the music back he took off to accommodate my camera apps and camera roll of a thousand images. I get emails from the store that I am progressing up the list…after that I will have to go back to Arnold!

I leave you with bugs through a bug’s eye (actually the fisheye filter from the Camerabag app):

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2 thoughts on “iphone Photo Friday…

  1. Don’t forget to go back and photo the Calders. I like his mobiles, too.

  2. Definitely. My favorite of his is “Calder’s Circus” a video of a wire circus he made and kept in a suitcase. He and his wife would have soirees (great word, glad I got to use it) and they would enact the trapeze performers and lion tamers. Such great fun! Their guests were probably other famous artists.

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