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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

Girls Days Out…

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I had a lovely reunion with college roommates this week. Two old friends and I got together after an expanse of many, many years. Kathy, a retired teacher from Atascadero, and Jenny, a retired teacher from Canada, and I met up for some fun. Jenny had been my roommate in the dorms at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and we both had lived with Kathy in San Luis Obispo the summer after our first year of teaching.  We have been friends for more than forty years, but had long spaces during that time when geography and situation kept us from seeing each other. To me it is so astonishing that the years just fall away when I have these reunions and we are right back to where we left off back in the day when we were oh-so-young.

Jenny flew in and spent Sunday night at my house and the next morning we left to rendezvous with Kathy (I use the word rendezvous because she has just returned from Paris. During her trip she kept such a great blog that I felt like I was seeing all the sights with her-and eating the food without the calories!) For thirty years, Kathy has had a house in Arnold that has been a topic of conversation and many stories, but I have never seen. So Jenny and I would join her there for two nights.
Kathy drove up from Atascadero and we met in Murphys for a picnic before she led us up to where her cabin is. This was so appropriate because originally Kathy was  known as Murph since her last name was Murphy. Jenny and I may be the last people who still call her that, but we giggled that we were to meet Murph in Murphys.

Murphys was originally a gold mining town and Mark Twain country (there were a few frogs in evidence) and has some great old buildings.

And best of all, a Baggallini store. Mecca, folks…

After unpacking, we took a hike in the Calaveras Big Trees State Park.

A morning meal of my clafouti, (good thing I put the recipe on my blog so I could mobilly access it) we headed out for some lake-hopping and short walks amongst the majestic scenery of the Sierra Nevadas.

Chickeree picnic area (snow still on the ground!):

And Mosquito Lake (they were not too bad, yet…)

Girls, we made the summit, and we are on the wall of comparative ovations:

Time to enjoy the “appies” (as they say in Canada) and plan our next reunion. July, 2011, Sisters, Oregon, quilt show…

Thanks, Murph, for the hospitality and thanks, Jenny, for coming all this way. Beautiful setting, beautiful time! There is nothing quite like the Sierra Nevadas and reunions with friends. History and history.

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