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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

Loose ends…

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Finishing up some projects, commissions and house related. Happy to get them done and happy that the customers are happy…

A set of stepping-stones for a garden in Lafayette. Heath tile, (that overstock room is heaven!) plus Mexican tile, copper pieces and accumulated other tiles leftover from projects and the flooring aisle at Home Depot…The customer wanted a predominantly cobalt blue color scheme.

Only four more to do to complete this really fun project. I cannot put this type of product in my etsy shop because the shipping costs would kill me (and the UPS man that had to carry the box!), but when it is local, great fun!

Plus, I finished my stairs. Heath tiles in multiple colors on the risers. Vast improvement over the twenty year old carpet that had survived kids and multiple large dogs (just barely!) At first I had to convince Terry that a painted staircase would not be too slippery, but I used porch paint (tinted to my choice of color) and threw some sand into it. In reality, it is less slippery than the carpet used to be. Glad it is finally done! Now, the colors give me a little jolt of adrenalin when they catch my eye and I think “happy”. I guess I am my own best customer…

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