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Earlier this week I rushed to play with the iphone before Terry took off for work and confiscated it from me. I started layering images on top of each other in DXP in this order: a shot up into my backyard umbrella that is a persimmon color (but I toned down the color with PSMobile app), a shot of the decorative iron grille above the door of the Hearst Building in San Francisco, the script from the 1908 graduation certificate of my great Aunt Ethel from University of Rochester, and a fish from a Dover book of copyright free images. All the images were taken with the iphone. It began to dawn on me that the structure of the umbrella was making the fish look like it was up for obliteration and I recalled in the LoMob app there is a filter called 6×9 emulsion which has a dark area at the top that represents the track of emulsion, but that morning it reminded me of an oil slick. I realized I was starting to channel my despair over current events, so I titled the image “The Evening News”.
Rather than put more iphone images here, I am going to list links to organizations that help wildlife. It hurts my heart.

I am a California native, having been born in Southern California, and I still remember the tragedy of the oil spill off Santa Barbara just as I was finishing my teaching credential in San Luis Obispo in 1969. San Luis is two hours away from Santa Barbara. I had to drive through the city to get home to Pasadena and was acutely aware of the tragedy. The experience formed my opinion of off-shore oil drilling, which has not wavered since that time.

A corner of our backyard contains a 10 x 30 aviary that houses raptors and owls between the time when they leave the Lindsay Wildlife Hospital and they are ready to be released back to where they were found. Sometimes they are recovering from injuries and sometimes they are babies that have left their nests too early. Current residents are four Western Screech owls. (I apologize for this picture, it is extremely dark in the aviary, the owls are very shy, the owls are very small, and the owls like to camouflage themselves scrunching up their faces trying to look like pieces of wood. I used the iphone and tried to lighten things up with one of the apps, but no flash. Three are there, on top of the nest box.)

During the season, Terry also works with the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory to band migrating raptors in order to help collect data on their migration patterns. From August to December he makes a weekly trip to the Marin Headlands to band the birds.

When the Cosco Busan tanker hit a bridge tower in San Francisco Bay in 2007 causing an oil spill, Terry took weeks of vacation and drove to Cordelia daily to the International Bird Rescue Research Center in order to wash sea birds covered with oil. Please remember that Dawn dishwashing liquid is used because of its effectiveness to wash crude oil from birds and if you buy a bottle you can register it (the bottle contains a number) and the manufacturer will donate $1.00 to non-profit organizations that are washing oiled birds. Here is Anderson Cooper.

In January we can be found in Morro Bay for the Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival. This highlights an area that is a major stop on the Pacific flyway. I shudder at the impact of an oil spill on that area of the central coast.

We are avid watchers of the nest cam on top of the PGE building in San Francisco. It is amazing to watch the process of hatching and raising young, especially since it is 33 floors above the streets of a major city. In our lifetime, Peregrines have been brought back from close to extinction. What if caring people had not been mobilized to work in that effort. We even heard this year that there were two nesting pairs on Morro Rock with six fledglings, three in each nest. The juvenile birds in Morro Bay do not have to worry about becoming masters of flying amongst high-rise buildings with reflective glass.

Last year at Thanksgiving, I captured this shot of pelicans in Morro Bay.

One of my first attempts at layers in Photoshop Elements was taken last January during our trip to the Bird Festival:

My niece, Katura Reynolds, created this image using a lino block. (www.pinkmonkeyflower.etsy.com).

copyright: Katura Reynolds

Katura’s sketchblog is here: http://www.katura-art.com

Katura lives near the Cascades Raptor Center. They recently posted this on Facebook

“CRC is sending help to Gulf oiled wildlife response efforts. Assistant Director, Laurin Huse, will be providing her wildlife rehabilitation skills for a month at the Fort Jackson Oiled Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. We are seeking community support to hire interim staff replacements while Laurin is gone. If you would like to help, please visit CRC’s website eRaptors.org and click on Donate Now.”

Please help wildlife…

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