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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

iphone Photo Friday…an ode to Ruth

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It was excellent to have such a long weekend last week. We went to two different botanical gardens in three days, a pretty good ratio. After native plants on Saturday, Monday’s trip was to the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek. This is a major cacti and succulent garden that has been given to the public and is open for walking. Our focus has not been this type of plant, but recently I have been fascinated with succulents in pots because of their variety of textures and colors (my goal for this year is to learn how to over-winter them better as I seem to lose a lot, and I want to start propagating them.) Since succulents do not take much water, they are a good match with our native plant garden. It was a nice venture for a casual holiday. I only had the iphone and I despaired of actually being able to identify these plants (except in the California natives section), so my images became more of an Impressionistic record of our visit to see if I could capture the spirit of the place. I am hoping that the viewer might even at times think “moonscape”. I only used the Camerabag app and the filters within it. Some images have multiple saves and processing through those filters.

Thank you, Ruth Bancroft, for a lovely visit…

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