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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

iphone Photo Friday…

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In the winter I took a class from LK Ludwig on decorating pages for journals and when she started doing an iphone Photo Friday in her blog, I followed along. I learned a lot in the process of meeting the schedule. I probably wouldn’t have experimented as much if I didn’t think I needed something to post for each Friday. (Retired people/ you know, schedule…ppppph! with hand gesture.)  Last week she started an online class on iphone photography so I had a fun week taking lots and lots of pictures in preparation for learning the ins and outs of a selection of apps some of which I had not tried before. (Tricky part: how many more will Terry actually let me put on his iphone?)  We are still in the process of gathering our library of images (camera rolls in the iphone trade), ten photos every day, but because of one of the apps she recommended (DXP) I figured out how to do layers all in the phone, instead of going to Photoshop Elements on our computer. I am learning about myself that I am evidently one of those obnoxious students who go ahead of where they are supposed to be, but at the end of this post I will sneak the image in…oh, this is really a bonus day, Terry left the iphone  home. Today, Friday, May 21, my possibilities are limitless!

And here is my layered image. Images were taken with Camera Bag app, cropped with Photoshop Mobile app, and combined in DXP app, which stands for double exposure. I am thrilled to understand the basics, now I can work on the images.

One image is the headline from this morning’s paper about the new Impressionists Show at the DeYoung Museum and the other is a flower from my garden. You cannot get more immediate than that!

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