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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

iphone goes to the big city…

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Yesterday was my day to travel to San Francisco and volunteer at SFMOMA. I had a new section of the area around the museum I wanted to look at and in particular I wanted to check out the Craft and Folk Art Museum. The iphone was my trusty companion and here are some shots along my path to the museum.

Detail from building facade, Montgomery Street BART Station

Contrast in architecture near Market and Third Streets, San Francisco

Reflecting building—contrast of modern/traditional architecture

My route to the Museum took me across Mission Street to the Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial. A textural and sensory treat.

Looking out through the waterfall at the MLK, Jr. Memorial

Same shot processed differently. This will eventually make a layer in a Photoshop college.

More water on the upper terrace.

I popped over to check into the Museum, attached my yellow badge indicating I was a volunteer, and took the elevator up to the fifth floor Sculpture Garden and Blue Bottle Coffee Kiosk. There was no Mondrian cake Sunday, but I toyed with the idea of a slice of Thiebaud layer cake (multi layers and multi chocolatey) or Frida Kahlo Mexican wedding cookies that came in their own lovely box. Go Frida!

Frida's cookies

I was running late on time, so I snapped some shots of the sculpture by professionals:

Sculpture Garden, SFMOMA

portion of sculpture that contrasted stone and transparency

The project for the day at the museum was kids, 4 years to 11, making musical instruments from junk, amplifying their sounds and then recording them together for a sound piece. It was great fun (and I did see some moms and dads get really into the creation, too.)

During my shift I snapped musical junk sculptures by kids:

The point was to put your ear next to the tube!

The face of a guitar

bridges and frets, bridges and frets

As I left the museum by the back staff door, I took one last picture of water on Minna Street in front of a hotel. I think I was anticipating that today it would be raining, which is forecast!

Lights under the water shining up onto whiteish marble

It was a little uncomfortable on the way home. I could not do any processing and sending of the pictures I took as I sat on the BART train as I had the last time. It turns out that 60,000 people went into San Francisco yesterday to participate in the party, a.k.a. the Bay to Breakers race,  and at 4:30 when I was traveling back across the  bay, the Giants game had just let out. Not to mention that two lines of the train were not functioning. That meant everyone wanting out of the city had to get on the same train and go across the bay to transfer. It was so jammed that I couldn’t have gotten the phone out of my pocket if I had tried. There were no places to sit and I was hanging to an overhead strap, for dear life at times. Although there were lots of costumes, I did not see one Panda hat (if you follow the Giants, you will know what that is in reference to.) There were very creative things gong on according to reports in the paper this morning.

Photos from the race and photo from the party Friday night that celebrated the 75th anniversary of the SFMOMA. I love it, paint your face like a Lichtenstein painting and go to a party. Ah, San Francisco!

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