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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

Bloom day….

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We needed to return materials and signs Saturday from the garden tour two weeks ago. We were excited to get to return all of these to a garden in Moraga that we have always wanted to see. It is the garden that when I listed off all the colors of monkey flowers that are in our garden, I was told by multiple people that they had just come from a garden where there was a white flowered plant. I got to see it and find out the source (Yerba Buena Nursery in Woodside.) It has really large flower, as you can see:

White Monkeyflower, Mimulus aurantiacus

Other wonderful plants included this Spicebush. The one in our garden hasn’t opened any blooms, yet, but just a few miles away the plant is a riot of blossom!

Western Spicebush, Calycanthus occidentalis

These blooms are really amazing.

Western Spicebush, Calycanthus occidentalis

There was also this magnificent Fremontia (Flannel Bush). We do not have one of these in our garden, but probably will in the future.

California Fremontia, Fremontodendron californicum

On the tour, when guests come into our garden where our manzanitas are only four years old, they frequently tell us that they just came from a garden where the manzanitas are twenty years old. They are stunning with age. It is so funny to me that this plant that was acknowledged as important for the foothills around Pasadena in Southern California as I grew up (but definitely would not make an appearance in any garden dominated by manicured green lawn and exotics in the flat lands of the suburbs where we lived) now becomes an important fixture in my garden. They contribute such texture, color and sculptural interest it is incredible. Some examples from our trip to the Moraga garden on Saturday and the size to which we aspire!


Manzanita trunk

The fun thing is that the gardener here also lets his wife have a few traditional roses. The may be the clue to long-term marital blitz!

Some sweet yellow inclusions in a glorious California native plant garden…

Island Bush Poppy,Dendromecon harfordii

Running stream water feature

Mark your calendars, first Sunday in May, 2011, wonderful native plant gardens to tour. Hope to see you there!

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