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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

In the pink…

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In the “wouldn’t you know it” category is the fact that the very day after the garden tour, my favorite plant bloomed. It is my highly prized (by me) pink monkeyflower (I even named my etsy shop after this beautiful pink bloom.) I am so happy it is now here. I was sorry not to share it with the participants of the garden tour, but I kept ticking off the colors of monkeyflower in our garden to them. It has yellow, it has orange, it has red, it has maroon , and it has pink. Invariably they would say, ” We just came from a garden that has white.” Well, I don’t have white, I did not even know that there are white monkeyflowers, so now I am on a quest (yet another quest…) for a white monkeyflower plant. If I score one, you will be the first to know. Here is a picture of my happy pink one next to a Dudleya, a rock, and a tempered glass mosaic garden stone I made.

Pink Monkeyflower, Mimulus aurantiacus

Here is some more pink by way of the flower of the checkerbloom plant. It is part of the mallow family and has a flower like a hollyhock, but is low to the ground. It is great next to a path and is versatile in that it likes sun or partial shade.

Checkerbloom, Sidalcea malviflora

For my last pink-themed image, you may notice I am playing with Photoshop again. I got a new book last week called Digital Expressions by Susan Tuttle and I am yet again inspired to try to make Photoshop a tool that I am comfortable using without a second thought. Or, like second nature. It is questionable that will ever happen, but playing with it can’t hurt and can only bring me closer to my goal. You will have to click on the photo to see all of the image.

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