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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

iphone Photo Friday…

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Terry took a vacation day today and, since we did not have any gardening to do, we decided to drive over to Oakland for lunch. Not, however, before I had suggested the addition of some new apps for the iphone. I was told I would have to remove two if I wanted to put on two. (Marriage is such a negotiation…) I agreed because the phone really belongs to him until he retires and because I wanted to try out Pic Grunger and Toon Paint. The grunge look carried the day.

It seemed like a day for Bakesale Betty’s in Oakland. The idea of a fried chicken sandwich with frozen lemonade (and possibly a chocolate chip cookie) carried us over to Telegraph and 51st Streets.

The corner of Bakesale Betty's

No sign on the building that can be seen from any distance, just always a long line of people down the block.

Dining table at the street curb

You eat the chicken and spicy coleslaw sandwich at ironing boards. The minute you look like you are getting up to leave, someone else rushes for your stool.

Dining facility

Today the meal included a musical interlude by flute. Can’t get much better than this.


This block of Telegraph has some very nice things in it including a store called Scout that has this antique children’s toy sitting by its door.

Airplane toy for a child

This sign is excellent. (Don’t think the hardware store is still there, but at least the sign is.)

Hardware stores=the best

Excellent grunge...

After the delicious lunch (we also picked up some chicken pot pies for a later meal), we drove toward Berkeley for some other errands and I took these pictures:

Corner of Shattuck and University

I guess I was thinking seismic shift

Excellent metalwork over the entrance of a book store called Serendipity Books

Experiments with the Toon Paint app will come later.

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