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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

Incredible Gifts…

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The Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour happened yesterday. All of that weeding was totally worth the back pain. Things just felt happy at our house. The inherent gifts from this experience include:

the gift of 4oo friendly people walking through our garden and talking about plants with us.

the gift of a husband that has a nature that likes to make and keep straight the signs that label the native plants. (i.e. he is the structure and I am the color commentary in our relationship.)

Platystemon californicus, "creamcups"

the gift of the unexpected things that nature brings us. Our biggest example is this Hawthorn, a non-native that volunteered in our yard.


Planted by an unknown bird, an unknown breeze, it stands next to our front walkway. If it was 5 inches closer to the walk we would have taken it out because thorns really means thorns. But it was placed in a perfect position, unbeknownst to us, and each year it gives us these:

those California wildflowers, what kind of gift are they?

Tidy Tips, Layia platyglossa

—and my gift to you…an image of a Lewisia with a touch of Photoshop.

(If I was a watercolorist, this is what I would be watercoloring!)


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