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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

In honor of best friends…

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We enjoyed a Patty Griffin concert last week. She is amazingly talented and had Buddy Miller with her. The concert was in Berkeley and Miller said his old friend, Steve Wozniak, had taken him out to dinner before the concert. They went to Top Dog, which got a big howl from the audience.

Speaking of howls, my favorite song was Heavenly Day. Patty Griffin said the song is used at lots of weddings, but actually she wrote it for her dog. So in my mind, I have changed the name to “Ode to Katie and Cliff” and I play it as they assist me in the garden.

Oh heavenly day

All the clouds blew away

Got no trouble today with anyone

The smile on your face

I live only to see

It is enough for me

Oh heavenly day

Got nothing to tell you

I’ve got nothing much to say

Only I’m glad to be here with you

On this heavenly day

Patty Griffin singing \”Heavenly Day\”

To girls with guitars, clear skies, and the companionship of friends. Hope you have your own heavenly day….

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