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The door is finally open…


or…impressions of Marc Riboud. See this previous blog, and this one .

Journalism Building Door

This time when we went over to the CAL campus, we found the door of the Journalism building unlocked and we could go inside to browse the exhibit of photographs by Marc Riboud.

The exhibit space was a hallway and the photographs themselves were behind glass fronted display cases. On the opposite side from the cases was a wall of windows looking into a courtyard. The pictures were easy to experience in person, however, my photos of them are more of an impression that includes reflections from the windows behind me . Riboud’s work is crisp and clear and makes one long for trips to foreign lands to experience other cultures. My photos were taken with the Hipstamatic App on the iphone, but I did not process them further. Here are my impressions of some of them:

The images did not have titles labeled next to them and I found it caused me to think more actively about what the setting was and who the people were. I made up a few imaginary stories as I gazed, I must admit. Two of the images had subtle, beautiful color:

Fabric or quilt hanging on a line

Metal wall of a building

I kept pondering Riboud’s statement that good photography is good geometry and went back through my photo files because I distinctly remembered times when geometry was my primary focus in the pictures I took. When we first got our Canon camera about four years ago, I had just started being a yearbook advisor. Conscripted, rather than voluntarily, and I had little to recommend me to the job. In November of that year we took a trip to LA for the wedding of a friend’s daughter, taking along our new camera. I know that for the first time on that trip I began to take pictures, along with those that recorded the fun event, that were mainly about composition, shape and geometry. I found them in my files, so here are a few of them:

Biltmore Hotel window

I loved that we stayed in a beautiful, expensive, historic hotel with peeling paint on its windows. Out of that same window was this view of Pershing Square and the monument in the middle of it. I remember that for the first time I was actively aware of what was in the frame of the picture. I spent a long time lining up the top of the monument with the windows of the office building behind it.

Pershing Square

We walked up the street to the Museum of Modern Art where this sculpture was in the courtyard. I must say you can’t get much more geometric than pieces of metal wired together.

Metal sculpture

I turned in the same courtyard and took these buildings:

LA highrises

My conclusion is that it is easier to think geometry in a built environment than it is in my backyard or in nature where the environment is more organic. I think composition in the organic environment, but I will have to push myself to think geometry as well. I am interested in your opinions.

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2 thoughts on “The door is finally open…

  1. Nice to see photos from the Berkeley campus and the Biltmore in Los Angeles.

    You mention photos with a European look (or it makes you want to see something like that), look for the book “On Reading” by Andre Kertesz—-all photos from around the world, of people reading, no text, black and white—and great! I ordered my copy from Bas Bleu. Hope you can find the little book.

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