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iphone Photo Friday

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Two big events regarding iphone photography happened to me this week. The first was that last Saturday evening around 5:30, we decided to go out for dinner. The restaurant was far enough away that we got on the freeway. Never in a million years would I have thought to take a camera with me when we left the house. It was dark soon, we would be in a restaurant, not a priority to record the event. As we got on the freeway, I noticed an incredibly bright moon shining low and thought “wish I could get a picture of that.” I realized Terry must have the iphone in his pocket and asked him if he could get it out. (That was a little hairy…weaving on the freeway.) Then he had the thought of taking a detour to a high point on the road near the high school. When we got there, there were ten other cars pulled over taking photos also. It illustrates the point that the iphone is best for the picture of the spontaneous event, at times when you do not think you will need a camera. Here is one of the photos of the moon over Mt. Diablo behind the clouds.

The Moon and Mt. Diablo

The other significant thing about iphone photography, was that my friend Kathy sent me a link sent to her by her friend Rick. This shows the digital photography of Dan Burkholder. He only works with iphone apps (no Photoshop). So now I am putting my photos in lots of different apps and trying lots of different effects. I can’t tell you what I actually use because I never remember. It is like a paint brush, whatever feels right at the moment…

Here are my new attempts. Thanks, Kathy and Rick!

Alexander Valley, California

Between Showers

Backyard Tree

California Vineyard

The vineyard is my favorite (even though I put it in my blog yesterday I needed to group it here, too.)

And this was the most random, out of the window of a moving car on the freeway:

Cloud Study

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