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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

Excitement in many ways…


It is raining again today, but the pink flowering currant is enjoying the shower. Excitement because spring really is on its way!

February 21, pink flowering currant enjoying itself in the rain

And, other great excitement, Chris Cozen’s new book was delivered to my door. Unfortunately, the rain makes it difficult to get good pictures in natural light, but I cannot wait to share until after the rain quits. It may be days…

More than 25 years ago, Chris and I lived one house away from each other on Olive Ave. in Redlands, California. I was a potter with a kiln in my backyard staying home with two tiny children. Chris was an educator running a non-profit pre-school with her own kids a little bit older. She was the world’s most creative person (everything to her is a springboard to new ideas). Eventually, my family moved to Northern California, her family moved to Memphis and then back to California in Pasadena. We always stayed in touch. The thread between us was creative expression. The week after I retired last June from teaching art at an intermediate school she invited me to her house to spend a few days creating and playing, along with some very talented quilt and dye artists. What a weekend! Enough energy and inspiration to go for another twenty five years. And the result was Chris’s new book:

Front Cover

AND, it includes photos of some things I made after the weekend of play:

This is a fabric book I created that includes my photos from the farmer’s market printed on fabric with my inkjet printer, and silk screen images from photos I took and then manipulated with Photoshop into black and white line images to use to make silk screens. I printed the silk screens on pfd cotton with Golden open acrylics. (I will blog about that process soon.)

Cover of Fabric Book

This is a wall hanging/quilt that has paper-fabric in it along with E-Z Screen Prints that I will tell you about soon.

It was so exciting to open this book! Thank you Chris! (The book is at Amazon.) Also see Patt Blair’s blog.

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3 thoughts on “Excitement in many ways…

  1. this looks great.
    What a story

  2. Thanks, Lois! But what you fail to mention in all your writing about the past is that you contribute more than your fair share to my creative endeavors as well! The best thing about creative friendships is that the better you know each other the faster the ideas flow! It has been and continues to be so between us!

  3. Ohhh, thanks for pushing me to go to new places…

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