Lois Reynolds Mead

Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

La Dolce Vita

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I made this cake for Valentine’s Day (recipe here) and used a blood orange and a meyer lemon. Do not know what it did to the taste, as opposed to the original recipe, but it was very excellent any way you slice it. Although the blood orange stained my hands and wood chopping block, I don’t think it did much to the color of the cake, as much as I would have wanted it to. I was hoping for pink, but its delicious combination of flavors, almond, citrus and the olive oil, made it worth the making.

After my Italian class today, I went for a caffe latte made with illy coffee, and was rewarded with this lovely design in the foam. Excellent barrista. I tell you, if this is la dolce vita I am liking it…

And just for your own visual treat, here is an abstract of the ceiling angles of Caffe Teatro in Orinda. Take inspiration from the violets, greens and oranges. Go out and paint something:

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