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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

iphone Photo Friday

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I am finding lk Ludwig’s idea for an iphone photo Friday great fun. It focuses and gives a purpose for all the playing I am doing as I decide which apps I like to use.

Wednesday I met Terry for lunch near his office and lucky for me, his office is near some very exciting places in San Francisco. I took a Bart train to get there and got to the non-commuter parking lot by 10:00. It is a 45 minute ride, which gives me more than an hour to wander around. We had decided on the restaurant inside the Asian Art Museum and when I got to the Museum they were preparing to open a new exhibit of Shanghai Art. I spent my time watching locally famous t.v. reporters interviewing famous artists, browsing the gift store and then just enjoying the space. This building has a great contrast between its old and new parts-historic preservation and modern adaptation, which I really enjoy. My shots became a contrast of space and a juxtaposition of shape and I let my camera apps alter the colors.

Hipstamatic app

The original staircase of when this building was a public library was kept in the change to the museum use:



The new parts:



This is taken from the top most corner of the new hallway (all glass) at roof level looking across the street.

And, of course, lunch:


Chicken curry, spring rolls, and rice noodle, chicken, mushroom, coconut milk soup. And tea…



We walked through the farmer’s market in U.N. Plaza where I bought some peach tree branches and I got back on Bart. The branches and the crowded train probably were not my best idea of the day, but I made it back home without poking anyone. Now, the branches are in a large vase hopefully getting ready to put out some blooms.

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