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Photoshop and Me, part 1


Since the beginning of January I have been taking an on-line class from D.J.Pettitt on using Photoshop. I have tried multiple times in the past to figure out this program, but often have quit in frustration. Since January, I have on days become a hermit just trying to figure out what to do. Since I went to Morro Bay on the three day weekend I have had trouble picking it up again, but today sat down and gave it a shot . Maybe, if I show you, I will gain confidence. Here goes.

This is the original photo from a boat on the water.

I cropped it and used the dry brush filter and then added another layer that was a cropped version of this image of the dredger we passed on the Bay, also taken on the same boat ride:

I used the text tool to write “because he can” as another layer. I can see some places where I need to go back in and touch up, but I did this without having to read my workbook and follow step by step instructions, so I am encouraged.

Here is what I have so far:

What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Photoshop and Me, part 1

  1. i think so far that its a great transformation.

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