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In the few months of existence of this blog I have already mentioned Andy Goldsworthy three times. An interesting impact he has had on my consciousness. I first became aware of him at about the time of the reopening of the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco in 2005. Probably with news reports on t.v. about the sculpture that was being installed in the entrance courtyard of the building. I purchased the dvd Rivers and Tides (here is a youtube clip) and was excited by his works’ connection to nature and I liked the idea that what he made was still sculpture even though it could be transitory. Gorgeous photographs meant it still existed. Some of his sculptures were created from their environment, existed because of their environment, and then were absorbed or destroyed by their environment. The photography in the dvd was beautiful.

I was very excited to be able to experience one of his sculptures, Drawn Stone, so close to home and then in 2008 the Bay Area got a second chance to see his work with the sculpture Spire in the Presidio. So I shall now take a moment to share my experience with Andy Goldsworthy. This is Drawn Stone:

And at the Presidio:

If you make it to the Spire, you also get this view:

Terry did have the camera in his hands at the Presidio. Yes, I do share sometimes….

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