Lois Reynolds Mead

Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

A finish…

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Put a button on this pillow this morning, so I can finally say is it is done. I made Spoonflower fabric with an image of some sterling silver that my mother gave me. The silver is so incredibly beautiful with its flowers and swirls. More beautiful, I think, than any other utensils that I own. Almost afraid to use them. And then to top it off they are beautifully inscribed with dates of importance to my ancestors. Whoever you were that did such precise engraving, I honor you.

I must be fixated on the beauty of the silver today because really the only time they are brought out of their box is for big holiday fancy dinners and since we went to a restaurant for last Thursday’s dinner (our first experience with that sort of thing) we missed one of the two times for this year. Who knew that ennui would be the collateral damage of the nice dinner out. So I guess I will celebrate that I took out the antique heirloom silver, polished it up, marveled at its beauty and took a picture of it.

This image of these objects creates my own personal thanksgiving…

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