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Art and a pink monkeyflower in a native plant garden…

The Film Crew Cometh…


Since I retired last June, those who see me often have heard me count up the perks of retirement. I mention that months ago my watch stopped and I have not felt the urge or necessity to get a new battery so I can keep consistent time. Teachers never get paid during the summer months, but retirement checks (no matter how small, eh, eh) come every month of the year. Absolutely do not miss that sense of panic during the wait for the first check as it reaches October. And visiting museums in the middle of the week, not having to fight summer crowds, is definitely a perk. Yesterday, however, I found something I do miss while I am in this retirement state.
Our dining room became a set for a film school movie. Not sure how I got into this, maybe the novelty of the idea, maybe my memory of watching the Oscar telecast one year and hearing Stephen Spielberg thank his mother for letting him make one of his first films in her kitchen. Spielberg’s was a sci fi flick and there was red goo seeping out of his mother’s kitchen cabinets. Maybe I said yes just for the cause of art. Who knows?

The crew rehearsed on Sunday and early afternoon Tuesday they arrived with lights, camera and action.

The whole environment changed with the energy of creativity they brought with them. The crew knew what had to get done and ideas flew and then I realized that what I miss in retirement and being out of the classroom is being in an art room where electric ideas flow out and bounce against the walls and reverberate back into creativity. It was fun to watch and experience.
Preparing the scene:IMG_6963

the director, Brennan, was swift and efficient and really nice to work with


actors and crew


fast workers, like the speed of lightIMG_6964

but really Katie was the star of the show


My job was to keep the dog from barking at an unfortunate time. Katie and I both succeeded in being quiet.

And they ate:



Around 9:00 things got really quiet, so Terry, the cat, the dog, and I walked down stairs to find an empty house that looked better than when the crew arrived in the afternoon.






All I can say is, the Berkeley Digital Film Institute rocks. SUPPORT THE ARTS!

Cliff on the other hand has been complaining all morning. We just shouldn’t have altered his space, and, anyway,


he doesn’t really support anything…

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2 thoughts on “The Film Crew Cometh…

  1. Hey Lo, I think you found your calling. Loved the digital shots of the action and your descriptions. Keep writing! There is so much to see and talk about.

    • Thanks, Chris, I’m working on pictures from a field trip to Point Reyes Station where we walked among the cows. I’m trying to figure out the best way to do the photos (bigger is better I’m thinking) so I appreciate your feedback.

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